The Most Effective Natural Pest Control Products In Texas.

YardGuard protects your yard and outdoor living areas from mosquitoes, ticks, fleas and other pests. The concentrated liquid can be applied by a compact air pump sprayer, or by a water hose attachment bottle. The granules can be applied by push spreader for larger areas or spread by its shaker bottle in smaller spaces.

YardGuard?s all natural active ingredients include:
Geraniol, Rosemary Oil, Peppermint Oil, and Liquid Citric Acid.

Don?t spend another summer treating your yard with harsh, toxic chemicals? Protect your family with YardGuard TODAY!

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CastleGuard for indoor and outdoor use

CastleGuard is applied both inside and outside the home around foundations, near windows and doors and wherever pests congregate, live and breed.? Made from all-natural materials, CastleGuard protects your home from infestation of pests unfavorable to people and homes.

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BodyGuard for personal?use

BodyGuard, is a personal insect repellent offered in a foam and spray.? Its convenient applicator allows for easy application and is safe for children and pets. All natural ingredients, DEET Free.

insect repellent

InsectiGuard products are available in several variations for a number of applications and are:

Liquid, granular and foam form

All natural ingredients

Meet all EPA, FDA and FIFRA